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Keri Topouzian, D.O.
Keri Topouzian, D.O.

Michigan HCG Diet Doctor, Keri Topouzian, D.O. at the Center for Healthy Living has over 31 years of experience treating patients and has successfully changed the lives of hundreds of men and women in Michigan with the HCG diet. Dr. Topouzian has been offering the HCG diet for over 10 years and specializes in functional medicine. Keri Topouzian, D.O. guides patients through the process of weight loss with the HCG diet and helps them to overcome the unpleasant consequences associated with obesity.

Dr. Topouzian’s mission is to find the underlying cause of your condition or health imbalance. Dr. Topouzian seeks to develop a partnership with patients throughout their weight loss process and focuses a high level of attention on building a strong doctor to patient relationship in a warm and caring environment. He treats his patients as if they were a part of his family.

As a functional and anti-aging medicine doctor, Keri Topouzian, D.O. incorporates the latest advances in weight loss with the HCG diet to provide a powerful treatment plan for patients.

What is The HCG Diet?

Dr. Simeons discovered The HCG diet in the 1950’s while visiting India. During his visit he noticed that malnourished Indian mothers were giving birth to healthy babies. After years of research, he discovered that the mechanism behind this phenomenon was the HCG hormone. The hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin allows a fetus to obtain nutrition from the mother’s fat storages in the event of a famine or food shortage. When the hormone is administered in conjunction with a low-calorie diet to a person who does not have a fetus to feed, it works in a similar way, metabolizing stored fat to supplement daily energy needs.

While on the HCG diet, the patient must adhere to a strict diet of 500 calories per day, the remaining calories needed by the body, around 1500 to 2000 additional calories, can be broken down from fat stores and released into the bloodstream by the HCG hormone. The release of calories from fat keeps a person from feeling starved while on the diet, and it can prevent cravings for sugary, fatty, or unhealthy foods. The release of calories also helps to prevent blood sugar fluctuations, which can help to keep moods stable and healthy.

Some people argue that with the HCG diet, the weight loss is mostly due to the low-calorie diet; however, without the use of the HCG hormone, a very low-calorie diet would cause a person to feel starved, metabolize muscle tissue, and experience serious mood fluctuations. When the body is not taking in enough calories, it can trigger cravings for foods that can quickly supplement a need for a specific nutrient, which does not always promote the taking in of healthy foods. On Keri Topouzian, D.O.’s HCG diet plan, patients are able to avoid the obstacles that can be present in other diets or in diets that are based on cutting calories.

The HCG diet is for men and women that are 20 pounds or more overweight for their age and height. Patients prescribed the HCG diet can safely lose up to one pound per day. During one course of HCG, most patients lose around 30 pounds. While on the HCG diet, patients must avoid products that contain fats, such as certain hygiene and cosmetic products, creams, and make-ups. The skin absorbs the fats from these products into the bloodstream, and the body thinks that more nutrients are being taken in, which can disrupt the function of the HCG hormone triggering the hypothalamus to break down fat.

Advantages of Weight Loss with The HCG Diet

After finishing the HCG diet, many men and women reap the benefits of their weight loss. Some of the benefits of weight loss with the HCG diet include:

  • Better, Deeper Sleep
  • Decreased Body Fat
  • Fewer Food Cravings
  • Healthier Eating Habits
  • Improved Confidence
  • Improved Sense of Well Being

  • Increased Energy
  • Leaner Appearance
  • Permanent Weight Loss
  • Reduction of Arthritis Pain
  • Reset Metabolism

Dr. Topouzian’s HCG Diet in Michigan has helped countless men and women improve their overall levels of health and wellness, while boosting their self-confidence. The HCG diet is a safe and natural way to help men and women lose weight, and reach their weight loss goals.

Getting Started with The HCG Diet

Michigan HCG Diet Doctor, Keri Topouzian, D.O. at Center For Healthy Living offers customized programs that last for a duration of 23 days or 40 days, depending on the patient’s weight loss goals. Dr. Topouzian offers continued support through emails. Patients tell Dr. Topouzian that he is the only doctor they know that answers emails.

Dr. Topouzian offers the HCG hormone in the form of a subcutaneous injection that the patient administers at home. He also adds in a detoxification protocol that helps increase body temperature to improve metabolism. This is done though a myriad of detoxification supplements that can be used depending on the patient’s needs, including intravenous detoxification. Dr. Topouzian schedules follow up appointments as needed. If the patient needs to repeat the HCG then they can either come in for a short visit or phone consultation.

Designing customized HCG Diet programs has allowed Michigan HCG Diet Doctor, Keri Topouzian, D.O. at Center For Healthy Living to greatly benefit patients and improve their overall levels of health and wellness. To learn more about receiving an HCG Diet program, contact Michigan HCG Diet Doctor, Keri Topouzian, D.O. today to schedule a consultation!

Call Michigan HCG Diet Doctor, Keri Topouzian, D.O., directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 335 to schedule your HCG Diet consultation to discuss your weight loss goals and decide on a HCG Weight Loss plan that will fit your specific needs.